8 February 2008

Bleating marvellous

Well, last night was different; I took two goats out in central London. Yes, goats. 2 beautiful, happy pygmy goats: Goats' first night out. As accoutrements for a night out in London Town they were certainly original.

How the hell did this happen then? As often, pretty randomly. Friend of friend has just launched Buzzmygoat. Friend owns said goats (more like dogs with hooves really), who both have an enviable - and quiet - life in Bucks. Friend of friend launches website yesterday and celebrates in London Bridge's Shunt Vaults. Hence Buzzmygoat launch party, with real goats.

If there's any London venue better for such a cloven escapade, I'd love you take me there. When it comes to off the wall (under the floor), you can't beat Shunt. I've wanted to go for ages but kept missing the opportunity. Sprawling across a labyrinth of vaults burrowing under London Bridge station, the place is literally fantastic. It's a bar, art installation, performance space cum 'grown-up ghost-train minus the tack' all in one. Quite simply the most fascinating social space I have ever seen. Achingly-trendy artista caps off to all who are behind it.

The billys being as precious as they are, they bleatingly insisted on a subtle stage door entrance. In true Z-list celeb style they discretely slipped out of the van into one of those godforsaken tunnel streets under the station. My only regret was not being accosted by the police seeking an explanation of why we were unloading goats from a white van underneath a major London interchange. I would've loved to see the paperwork. A personal highlight, on arrival, was the security guy's radio soundbite: "ok, Jim, the goat people are here."

Bipedal sans-hooves otherwise enter Shunt via London Bridge tube station, which, interestingly, actually contains a street - Joiner St. From here, equipped with one of those lovely mini maglites, you nervously navigate through the dark smoky (alas, not tobacco) tunnels passing many quirky, interesting hidden surprises along the way. I'm not going to over describe, it'll spoil the fun. Just go.

But one bovid surprise the vaulters didn't expect to see last night was Gavin and Henry, nonchalantly hanging out in the lounge, visibly unphased and enjoying all the attention (precious, remember) but nevertheless wondering where the grass was.

It's a night I'll remember for ever, I wonder if they will.

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Anonymous said...

Did this truly happen?
u must take me there!